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All and sundry have different lens by which we view the world and that is why it is important to have the advice ,experience and insight from others. It has been a while since when I shared my travelling experience with my audience and to surprise you all this time my tour was not at all decided and all got planned within two hours only, from destination to bookings all was done in this duration and with the help of Omio platform we were able to do everything smoothly and in no time.. It was my second time when I travelled on sudden plans and to be true we enjoyed more than the planned ones and happiness of getting good place to stay even on last movement was on next level and with quality of food ,sound place to stay and with beloved people overall experience was stupendous and this trip has become memory for life now which we all wants to live multiple times. This trip has taught me that sudden plans works out more than planned ones though things are done in hurry and there are various risks which are enough to spoil the complete experience and that is why it is suggested that one should always go for beforehand planning and to avoid last minute hustle one should always try for well-planned trips though sudden ones are adventurous and real fun but considering the possible risks which have the ability to spoil everything.

However, be it a planned trip or an impromptu weekend getaway, some travel essentials are very dear to me. I cannot imagine leaving the house without them. The list includes sunblock, sunglasses, lip balm, common meds, plastic carry bags, etc. I believe having the basic necessities with you while traveling can actually make a huge difference throughout the trip. First, it can save you from all the bad experiences that would happen in the absence of them. Secondly, having the essentials with you can uplift your spirits too. My bag of necessities saved me many times from being stuck helplessly. Similarly, unplanned trips come with major risks along with the appeal of thrill and adventure. My list of don’ts is definitely longer than of the do’s. From carrying digital identification documents to drinking responsibly, all of these things should be considered while traveling.

Knowing your emergency contact number seems like such a trivial precaution, but it is the most useful one in case of an emergency. 


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