Die Reise zum Fashion-Statement beginnt hier: Umfassen Sie Ihren einzigartigen Stil

Hey girls! Can I ask you a question? Tell me what is the most versatile item in your wardrobe? Before you think, let me guess, is this it? JEANS ? Am I right? If yes, then maybe you all agree that wearing them anywhere, anytime is a fashion statement. You must have all inclusive jeans in your wardrobe . You can get all these things from Bonprix .

How about you go out and consider them as your first choice along with a different and vibrant collection of outerwear? They are cheap and good in the long run . You have to agree with my statement. You are the best couple, but you know what the problem is. Let me share the secret that will help you dress while traveling .

The problem everyone faces is what to wear with jeans. However, there are countless options such as tops, boleros, scarves or accessories that you can wear with it. When I was there in Germany I had so many jeans with me that I could wear them on different tops.

No matter what shape or size you are , that means you can always get the best outfit for you . All these things you can get Bonprix . You can opt for the best and numerous options that can give an amazing style in Germany. Are you ready to discover some trends that you can wear with the jeggings to make you look fabulous?

Fashion statement about travel

Long cardigans

You know what I think, to get the perfect figure and look tall, you can always opt for the cardigans from Bonprix . You can get the most comfortable style when you wear cardigans, especially when you are on vacation. Whether you are on a trip, at a company party or on a date, cardigans give you a very special look, making you look unique in a group of people.

Comfortable t-shirts

Maybe you want to wear t-shirts. T-shirts are one of the most common styles to grab. If you’ve been shopping, you may have explored the numerous styles available with graphic prints from Bonprix . When you go on vacation and wear graphic t-shirts, the perfect pair of jeans will give you a cool and stunning look.

Whether you choose oversized shirts or fitted shirts, they always look cool when you combine them with different accessories. You can always grab a cool look on the go .

Button down shirts

Another best option you can consider is shirts and a fashion statement. They are great shirts to wear with jeans. Different styles are available on the website such as: B. Check, stripes, tie, etc. I took three to four shirts with me when I went to Germany and they gave me a unique look. They were comfortable and often worn in this city from Bonprix .

Short tops

Let’s talk about another excellent piece for your wardrobe. When you want to shop, you must be aware that there are so many crop tops in the market in different prints, shades and patterns . So how about carrying them as the most important thing in your bags? They are easy to take anywhere and also take up less space.

Let me recommend you one thing: Always consider wearing tops with high waist jeans because they will give you a perfect figure.

Statement tops

These are the great items that we all want to take with us so that we can wear them to parties or dates and make a great combination with a pair of jeans. No matter where you go, tops can give you an excellent and fluttering look from Bonprix . There are so many patterns that you can wear and enhance your look.


You may want to add layers to your clothing to keep yourself looking good. For this purpose, you can consider purchasing different jacket colors and styles. I have collected so many pairs on the website which has given me an amazing view on my journey. If you also want the same, you can think about it. You can wear short jackets over long tops and create a stunning look.

 Living footwear

How can you forget your shoes when going out? They are the most important part of your wardrobe and travel journey. You can consider different styles of shoes and carry them with you. You can always consider the pair that makes you feel comfortable so that you enjoy wearing them.

You can buy any type of footwear, in different shades to suit your style. Always keep in mind which shoes suit you best and don’t go for the cheap prices.


Here are the excellent accessories that you can wear with your jeans. When there are so many options, why choose the other pieces to make a fashion statement? Just go with a few pairs and unlimited selection of outfits to wear on vacation in Germany Bonprix

You don’t have to worry about not having clothes for your vacation. Just a few pairs of jeans are enough and with the different tops you can look stunning in your own way. How about getting the best option if you are? Are you organizing your wardrobe or do you want to go on vacation ?

These outfits are so comfortable and stylish that it drove me even crazier. You can also choose the best clothes and reward yourself with a beautiful outfit while you go on a trip with the help of Bonprix .