Capturing Paradise in Hawaii: A Snap Guide to Heavenly Landscapes

If you check the map of Hawaii then you will think that it is one of the best places that you check. If you ask me then I would HIGHLY recommend you all to visit the place of North Shore where you can find less crowd and traffic and this will make your journey easy to travel around. Not only that, you can hit so many popular destinations that are photogenic. When you are under the roof of the sun then you can click so many snaps to take back with you. 

I went to Hawaii last month and I trust there are some locations where I was unstoppable to click pictures. If I truly say my phone is filled with so many images just because of the priceless and amazing pieces of Hawaii. I am so glad to share some of the beautiful places with you all where you can collect a lot of memories and have fun there.

So, what about thinking a little more intensely about visiting Hawaii? I can even visit once more so that I can cover all the different places because they are worth it. Let me share some of the best locations with you.

Laniakea Beach, Hawaii

The North Shore of Oahu is at a distance of 1 km if you are in Waikiki and is home to plentiful bright green algae as they are loved by the turtles. You can visit the place on a bright afternoon, and guess what you will see 20 turtles in the sun on the sandy shores and in the water.

The “Turtle beach” is another popular name for this place, where you can explore so many turtles around the year. However, if you are visiting in the summer then you will be able to locate them easily as they walk on the shores with the waves. You click so many pictures with the sun shining that will give clear and bright images of turtles at this beach, you can even take images with the rocks that contain algae and the amazing outcropping of trees, and is one of the excellent places for shooting. 

Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Sunset Beach is considered the most dangerous beach in Oahu! The place is the accommodation for towering and powerful waves that occur during the year, especially in the winter. If you are the strongest and most experienced swimmer only then you can venture into the water when there are high tides, but only if you are aware of all the warnings. The place is well known for being an excellent location to do photography

If you are brave enough to shoot near the shores only then you can click the snaps, and you can get the most spectacular images of the shores. All the landscape photographers can go and explore the places in the afternoon so that you can click on the perfect spots near the rocks. For all sports photographers, you can take some exciting and adventurous surfing and take snaps of them. 

Hanauma Bay

Hanuma Bay is a popular place for snorkeling if you are fond of doing sports activities. Let me tell you one thing: you can bring an underwater camera or inexpensive EWA-Marine housing in the underwater bag so that you can carry them. The water is very calm because of the unique shape of the bay and you will find fish that are plentiful on the reefs of coral.

You cannot just skip this place if you are going for a Hawaiian vacation.

It is a great location for underwater photos, and not only this you even click images at the top of the hill where the view is spectacular!

Spitting Caves

Spitting Caves is a place where you can discover so many locals around the year. You won’t find tourists at this place and it is the best location for clicking snaps of the landscape. The place is a major point cliff where you can check the waves from the top. You will even discover a small cave that has “split” up because of the waves, but the view is fantastic. 

Pali Lookout, Hawaii

The Pali Lookout is a place that is well known among locals but it is not considered as a major tourist location. The Pali gives an enchanting view of the shores. It can be a bit difficult to find landscape photos at an overlook because there is nothing to scale or depth in the pictures, but the view of the place is fantastic to get some of the gorgeous panoramic shots of the beautiful island.

For the ladies, if you are fond of taking pictures then you can surely consider this place where you can get snaps of yourself with the beauty of the sky and the bright light. If you are in Hawaii you can consider this place for getting the images for yourself. 

Makapu’u Lighthouse

The Makapu’u Lighthouse is another popular place to take pictures on the steep, paved pathway. The views from the top are so amazing as well as giving a glance at the shores and oceans. 

I remember that I took so many pictures here because of the amazing location and view. You explore nearby places with perfect backgrounds and lighting effects that will make your day. 


So, when are you planning to visit this iconic place where you can click so many pictures of yourself and the scenery and take a bag full of memories with you? Hawaii is one of the best places that you can consider to explore.