Discover Florida’s Best-Kept Secrets: Uncovering Hidden Gems

If you are planning a trip to Disney World to strike in the beautiful city of Florida. But if you ask me there is a lot more to discover in Florida beyond Disney World. You are in the southernmost area of the US, the place is stretched in the beaches. Sealand stretches to give you the amazing scenic beauty of its sandy shores. There are golf courts that give you the best view of the noteworthy. You will experience dozens of natural barriers and Everglades National Park, and a lot more things to discover in Sunshine State.

If you are planning to visit the city then you must be wondering where you can go because the city is huge and has a lot of things to cover. So all things you can explore are right present here. These are the places that I liked a lot and one of the best things is that you won’t forget them. So are you ready to explore the wonders of the Florida city that can lead you to heaven and make your vacation superb? 

This guide will tell you so many things about Florida and make your journey amazing. 

Places To Visit In Florida

You are skipping out a lot if you do not plan all these cities to discover in Florida. So, here is what you can check out. 

Orlando, Florida

Let me start with Disneyland, Orlando is a place that holds our imagination. It is known as the heart of Florida. Apart from another theme park, Walt Disney World, it is also known as – Universal Studios and SeaWorld. The place has grown over several years and it consists of large water parks like Typhoon Lagoon, Discovery Cove, and Volcano Bay. 

There are a lot of tourists who come here to have fun at amusement parks, and that too when they are on vacation. But if you ask me when is the best time when there is little crowd then the answer is that the crowd is constant throughout the year. The place is filled with so many recreational activities in the Orlando area, from elegant shopping centers to championship golf courses to large shopping centers. You can explore some other places like Kennedy Space Center located at Cape Canaveral and the Science Center.

Days to spend – 2 to 3 days

Highlights – Themed Parks

Miami, Florida

It is situated in the southern part of Florida and is a wonderful city that you can explore here. The neighboring Miami Beach is a different place as it is located at a distinct. The place is modern and goes along with the atmosphere of Miami Beach. South Beach is the most popular beach over here, which is famous for its Art Deco district and contains a very trendy pedestrian area. 

The place is filled with so many outdoor restaurants that you can explore and have a view of the beauty of the waters. Flagler Street is located in the downtown and includes Brickell and historic attractions and the Design District includes elegant shops and luxury restaurants. The Caribbean is also seen here, and Overtown is known for African American delicious food and history. The historic stone houses and Vizcaya Museum amidst Coconut Grove are worth discovering and relaxing at.

Days to spend – 3 days

Highlights – Modern City 

Tampa, Florida

Tampa’s Ybor City is another iconic historic place that includes delicious food if you try them at the Columbia restaurant. Tampa is popular for having wildlife attractions. Busch Gardens is an attraction that includes a giant amusement park that is connected to the zoo, where you can explore so many things. 

If you are an animal lover then you can explore the Tampa Zoo located at Lowry Park with Tampa Aquarium, where you can even discover manatee. Tourists can also see Big Cat Rescue, it is a sanctuary that contains abused and abandoned cats, and it also includes lions, jaguars, tigers, and more. Families that have small children go explore the Glazer Children’s Museum. 

It is a place where you can experience creative fun, and you can enjoy it freely. The Museum of Science and Industry is another best place that you can check out that contains a world of technology with the IMAX Theater.

Days to spend – 1 -2 days

Highlights – Museum and live shows


Destin is a mega city in northwest Florida, that separates the Gulf of Choctawhatchee and the Gulf of Mexico. Destin is popular for its beautiful strands with fine white beaches, golf courses, and fishing. If you are a fish eater then you can surely go and enjoy it there. You can explore by walking along the Destin Harbor shorefront. 

You can head to Henderson Beach State Park which has thick stacks and trees. However, you’re just going to love slides and pools. If you are with kids then you can visit the Fishing Gallery and Destin History to get knowledge about the importance of fishing for Destin. Fort Walton is a place that contains an archaeological point, erected by the Pensacola lineage in 850 A.D. 

Days to spend – 1 -2 days

Highlights – Fishing and forts with historic importance


So what are you longing for if the city has so many things to explore? Plan your vacation in Florida and explore these places where you can spend your journey full of enjoyment. I have been to this place and trust me it is one of the most amazing places that you can explore.