Solo Female Travelers: Empowering Adventures and Inspirational Journeys

Traveling solo is a liberating experience, and every woman should try it at least once in their lifetime. However, the desire to unravel the mysteries of new places is always being tagged along with fears of doing it alone, solo female travelers. Yet, the frights of traveling alone should not restrict you from discovering the wonders of nature.

A place being safe should not be the only deciding factor in filtering out places to travel for women. The best destinations to visit must consist of elements like scenic landscapes and homely accommodations. So here is an ultimate list of places to visit as a solo female traveler.

Places for Solo Travel

Bali, Indonesia

Known as the land of Gods, Bali is a great place to visit as a solo travelers. It is full of lush green fields and heavenly islands. It has a big name in the surfing world. The culturally enriched environment is an alluring factor of all tourism. It has got it all, from happening nightlife to delicious food markets. Besides being filled with absolute natural wonders, Bali is also one of the safest places with a minor crime rate.

Vienna, Austria

The capital city of Austria, Vienna, is a popular hotspot for enriching art and culture. It has a great stock piled up in local delicacies and impressive concert halls. The European structural vibe throughout the city adds to the modernistic charm it holds. Additionally, the rural part of Austria is worth visiting too.

Lisbon, Portugal

Being young at heart, a solo traveler craves hip culture and the hustle of a community. That is exactly what Lisbon is. The streets are full of nomadic views and artsy buildings. The city has a great name when it comes to good food and innovative styles. As a solo traveler, you will come across numerous events to engage in group activities.

Pondicherry, India

Pondicherry offers an excellent platform for a momentary escape from worldly troubles. This beautiful wonder has all the amazing scenarios you can dream of. The place contains French colonial architecture, peaceful beaches, and delicious food. There are also a variety of fun activities to do. It serves as a perfect traveling destination for solo travelers.


Land of the Northern lights and midnight sun, Finland is one of the iconic places for all solo travelers who love nature. There’s Lemmenjoki National Park, it is one of the greatest wooded reserves in Europe and covers multiple regions and lakes of England. So all the women travelers can visit these places if they are in a state of confusion about where they need to go. 

If I talk about the concern of safety in Finland then it is ranked in the first position by the World Economic Forum in terms of travel and tourism. It is one of the safest countries where you can travel all by yourself, and especially for women!


Canada is an accommodation for a wide range of landscapes, dense forests, snow-capped mountains, lakes, and countryside. The wilderness of the place is spectacular and it is worth visiting the place. The city also consists of a multicultural touch and special charm.

When it comes to the safety of women Canada in America is safe and secure for the women, solo female travelers. The places include so many cities for all the women so that they can travel from one place to another with proper safety and care. 

New Zealand

A place that includes different landscapes, New Zealand, and is also called Middle Earth for Lord of the Rings, is considered one of the perfect destinations for those fond of sports, adventure, nature, and more. 

The country is small and it is made up of two main islands that deliver so much scenic beauty. On the North Island, you can discover paradise sandy shores, volcanoes, and lakes. On the South Island, you can discover glaciers, snowy peaks, and an open ocean that is full and seals.

Let me tell you about the safety in New Zealand. The city comes under the 4th ranking in terms of it. If you want o travel to this country for solo travel then you can plan a trip over there. 


It is situated in the heart of Europe, and the place offers more than the watchmakers. The country is filled with cultural diversity and offers so many magnificent attractions, and landscapes that can make you crave to plan a vacation over there.

It is one of the 7th safest countries in the world. If you want you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the place. 


It is one of the best destinations that you can visit in Europe. The place has real gems, historic sites, and infrastructure, and is popular with all the tourists. In Brussels, you can explore the streets and take a glance at medieval culture, and in Bruges, you can discover landscapes that are so popular, especially for shooting romantic movies. 

 The place is also considered safe for all the women and they can surely consider the place for solo traveling. 


Solo travel is one of the best things that you can explore in your life. Don’t be afraid to try something new and solo travel is one such thing that you can travel in your life, solo female travelers. I have been solo travel to so many places that are mentioned above and you know what they are seriously safe for all the women who like to wander around. 

These are the best places that anyone can try and make their vacation amazing by spending some time with me.