London Lens: capture Beauty in your Cameras

Recently I have been taking scenic images of London when I went to the city of the United Kingdom where I was astonished to take so many clicks of the wonderful scenes of the beauty, London Lens. If you too are curious to know about the popular places where you can take so many pictures under great backgrounds and lighting. 

So if you are planning to visit London then I have to go to some exciting places that you can check out and click some amazing pictures for your trip. 

Photographing London’s Iconic Places

In this article, I will be taking you to explore so many places from the River Thames from the direction of west to east as they were my top spots where you can capture a cityscape in London.

 Are you ready to explore the scenic places that are popular as well as photogenic? You can fill your phone and camera and then sit at home and remember the places in the United Kingdom, London Lens. Let’s start our journey to explore the best glances in this beautiful city.

The Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)

If you visit this place after sunset then, I advise you to avoid going in the spring season as the shining of the sun will be very bright and you won’t be able to capture the beauty of London and collect the memories. In the summer and winter months, the sun will be on either side of the tower which reduces the dynamic range which is enough to capture the beautiful colors of the sunset and the excellent images of the sunset. 

You can capture the place in the morning when the rays of the sun are not so bright and the place is illuminated by the Palace of Westminster which makes it a wonderful location for the photographer.

The London Eye

If you are visiting this place in the late summer then let me tell you that it is the perfect time where you can capture the scenic beauty of the sky. You can take a tour of the river Thomas which is running in the direction of west and east and it faces in the south direction that bends towards the river in the sunrise to its left and right during the sunset. 

Both are great times to capture the scenes. You can even take snaps of the rivers where you will discover less traffic. But if you want to snap with fewer crowds then you can come in the morning and as you will few people and the river will be clear and you can have perfect clicks. 

St Paul’s Cathedral

You can enter this place late at night. You must be thinking why? Then let me tell you that the nightscape of the place is extremely beautiful, especially after 12: 00 pm. The only thing is that you will find a lot of crowds at night because it is the peak time to visit this place. 

The City of London

During the opening hours of the Cathedral, you can know what they are and why it is a popular spot to visit during the year, London Lens. In the evening you can find that the place is surrounded by amazing light and this light happens only twice a year. It is a catchy light that gives you a perfect spot to capture the beauty. 

During December and January, the place is open so that you can click the images in the golden hours and during the sunset. Apart from this, St Paul’s Cathedral opens at 21:30 which allows you to give you the best light for snapping out the images. 

Tower Bridge

The location is one of the best sites that is popular for taking pics during the sunrise and that too in the colder months that is in December and January. The sun comes into the mainframe and is left out of the bridge which gives it one of the most amazing views. Additionally, you catch a lot of people here because entry to the place is free. You can get to the place between 8-9 am and find the flock of people where you can see so many shots of yourself and the scenery. 

Lastly, if you like to capture you can visit the location at night but let me give you a warning that the place shuts down at 9 pm so you can get out of the place by 8:30. 

Tower Bridge and the Shard

from the weather and the light view, both evening and the morning’s rays create surroundings that are great for capturing beautiful images. It is one of the popular places for tourists especially when you are coming here in the evening. The place gets a clear shot and you can find a lot of people wandering around. If you want less crowded then you can visit it in the morning hours. 

Canary Wharf

You can go and explore the place because it is a great place to capture the beauty of the sun and the building surrounding this place. You can even take snaps in the sunset if you are coming in June or December as it gives you a mesmerizing frame of the sky. 


So, what is the wait for? Plan your trip to London and visit these amazing sites that can give you a glance at the amazing view, London Lens. You can capture so many images and take back the memories with you so that you can show them to your family and friends.