Sports Bags for GYM: Trendy Bags for Fitness Enthusiasts

Are you planning to go to the gym? Then you must be looking for the right accessories and clothes in Canada. Don’t worry because today we are going to explore something very important for all of us. Can you guess? If you are thinking about the gym bags you are right. Gym bags are very essential for all of us. They are used to keep various things so that we can use them when in need. Not only gym bags but various types of other bags are helpful and help us to keep stuff. So you just have to choose the right Sports Bags for GYM. 

But at times it is very difficult for all of us to find the right type of bag that can fulfill all our requirements. Not only this, the bag should be made up of good quality so that they are strong enough and work for a long period. If you also facing problems finding the right type of bag then don’t worry because this guide will help you choose the perfect bag for your gym and other other sports activities. Your one-stop store is Decathlon

Yes, you read correctly. This is one of the best stores where you can find different types of bags for your sports and workout activities. But since there are various types of bags, let me help you to choose the perfect one for yourself. Below you will discover different types of sports bags for GYM so that you can purchase from the store

Sports Bags For GYM

Sports bags come in different shapes and measures. Some bags are made so that we can wear them on the shoulder or near your waist, and some are meant to carry around. The most suitable gym bags have a bunch of different cases for managing your workout tools and clothes.

Duffle Bags

Sports-style bags have carrying handles so that they can make a great choice for all of us to carry for short distances. These types of bags are strong and help us to keep a lot of stuff in our bags. Not only they can equip various things effortlessly

  • Obtainable in a range of measures
  • Made from long-lasting materials (like canvas, leather, polyester, nylon)
  • They are water-resistant 
  • Have an ample main compartment to keep things


Athletic bags are a suitable way to take sports tools and your hands can remain free. These bags are best if you want to travel long distances or keep a lot of stuff in them. Plus they are weightless and easy to carry from one place to another.

  • Obtainable in various sizes and has spaces
  • Made from enduring, easy-to-clean cloths
  • Chest and waist sashes are flexible and make them a comfortable bag

Sports Totes

They are a fantastic gym bag option if you don’t own a bunch of heavy tools to move around. They’re shorter than duffel bags and can fold as a purse which can be a great option for all of us.

  • Two holds for moving or slinging on the shoulder
  • Easy pass to major chamber (usually zippered)
  • The bags are made from water-resistant fabrics
  • Prepared with interior and exterior pockets
  • Fashionable choices are available

Messenger Bags

These bags are created so that we can wear them across the body and that too on one shoulder. Messenger bags are best for commuting from one place to another in public.

  • A big flap covering the major compartment holds things from falling out
  • Created from stable, water-resistant cloths (either leather or canvas)
  • Permits for effortless access without dragging the bag from the shoulder
  • The flexible shoulder strap permits a snug fit
  • Smart choices are also available

Waist Packs

These bags are also called fanny packs – the most miniature type of athletic pack that is worn near the waist. If you choose to pack weigh less, waist packs are helpful as they can keep all the things. Not only this, you can keep them in your big bags as well so that you can keep the small things in them. 

Features of Sports Bags For GYM

Select a gym bag from Decathlon with components that help its conscious objective. For instance, a yogi chooses a backpack that has a built-in harness to carry a yoga mat whereas a weightlifter will pick a bag that has a separate pocket for keeping shoes. 

Material & Durability

Sports packs should be enduring adequately to resist everyday usage. Features to peek for fit water-repellent and tear-proof fabric and with great quality. It should even be satisfied to wear or carry.

The bag should be made of a material that can help you to carry all the stuff and is strong with the best quality of material. Polyester, leather, canvas, and nylon are the fabrics that are commonly used. But it is also very important to note that each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Leather: Long-lasting, Durable, and trendy, but can be weighty
  • Nylon: Weightless, long-lasting, and open in a broad range of colors and kinds, but slightly less water-resistant
  • Polyester: Easy to clean, water-resistant, long-lasting, and cozy against the skin, but can sense moist in a humid climate
  • Canvas: Easy washable and breathable, but more petite water-resistant

Size & Capacity

This is another essential factor that you need to take care of. make sure that you are picking a bag according to your needs. This will help you to keep all the essential stuff so that you can carry them along with you. The bags should have pockets with the best capacity so they can fit all your stuff. 

Type of BagCapacityGood For:

  • Duffel Bag: Large bags are used for basketball, weightlifting, racket sports
  • Backpack: Medium bags are used for hiking, outdoor activities
  • Messenger Bag: Small/Medium bags are used for CrossFit, cycling
  • Gym Tote: Small/Medium bags are used for Pilates, Yoga
  • Waist Pack: Small bags are used for Quick Cardio Sessions, Running


The bags should have hold compartments with components that let you manage so that you can find your things easily. 

  • Zippers: Keep things from falling when you are going out
  • Pockets: Perfect for access to repeatedly used needs
  • Water bottle holder: Makes it comfortable to remain hydrated
  • Mesh storage: Collect dirty attire and shoes 


These are the different types of sports bags for GYM that you can take when you are going to the gym to do any sports activity. Make sure that you are considering all the features and choosing the best for yourself from Decathlon. So what are you waiting for pick sports bags for workouts.