Fashion Statement Journey Starts Here: Embrace Your Unique Style

Hey Girls! Can I ask you a question? Tell me what is the most versatile item in your wardrobe? Before you think let me guess, is it the JEANS? Am I correct? If yes, then you may all agree that they are something that we wear everywhere and anytime we want, fashion statement. You all must be including jeans in your closet. 

What about when you are going out and considering them as the main choice and wearing a different and vibrant collection of upper wear on them? They are cheap and they are good for the long run. You must be agreeing with my statement. They are the best pair but you know what the problem is. Let me share the secret that will help you to dress yourself when you are on a travel journey.

The problem that everyone faces is what to wear on the jeans. Though there are unlimited options available like tops, shrugs, scarves, or accessories to wear with them. When I went to France I carried so many pairs of jeans with me so that I could wear them on different tops. 

No matter what your shape or size is, you can always get the best dressing outfit for yourself. You can go for the best and numerous options that can give fabulous style in France. So are you ready to explore some trends that you can wear on the jeggings that can make you look fabulous? 

Fashion Statement on Travel 

Long Cardigans

You know what I think to get the perfect shape of the body and to look tall you can always go for the cardigans. You can get the most comfortable style when you wear cardigans especially when you are out on vacation. Whether you are on a trip, at an office party, or date, cardigans make out a different look for you so that you can look unique among a group of people.  

Comfy T-shirts

You might like to wear T-shirts. T-shirts are one of the most common styles that you can grab. If you have gone shopping you might have explored the numerous styles that are available with graphic prints. When you are going on vacation and wear graphic t-shirts the perfect pair of jeans will give a cool and breathtaking look. 

Whether you go for oversized shirts or fitted ones, they always look cool when you style them with different accessories. You can always grab a cool look while you are on the travel journey

Button-Down Shirts

Another best option that you can consider is the shirts, fashion statement. They are great shirts that you can wear on the jeans. Different styles are available on the website like check print, stripes, bottom-tie, etc. I took 3-4 shirts with me when I went to France and they gave me a unique glance. They were so comfy and common to wear in that city.  

Short Tops

Let’s discuss another excellent piece for your wardrobe. If you are to shop then you must be aware of the fact there are so many crop tops available in the market with different prints, hues, and patterns. So what about taking them as the important thing in your bags? They are easy to carry where you want and also take less space. 

Let me suggest you one thing, always consider wearing tops on high-waist jeans because they will give you a perfect shape.  

Statement Tops

These are the splendid items that we all want to take so that we can wear them at parties or dates and make a great combination with a pair of jeans. No matter where you go, tops can give you an excellent and flattering look. There are so many patterns that you can consider to wear and enhance your look. 


You might love to add layers to your clothes so that you can look good. For this, you can consider purchasing different shades and styles of jackets. I have gathered so many pairs from the website that gave me an amazing glance on my trip. If you too want the same thing then you can consider. You can wear short jackets on long tops and have an astonishing glance for yourself. 

 Vibrant Footwear

When you are going out then how can you forget about the footwear? They are the most essential part of your closet and travel journey. You can consider different styles of footwear and take them along with you. You can always consider that pair that makes you comfortable so that you can enjoy wearing them. 

You can purchase any type of footwear and that too of different shades that go with your style. Always consider those shoes that are best for you and don’t go for the cheap prices. 


Here is the excellent accouterment that you can consider wearing on the pair of jeans. When there are so many options available then why go with the other pieces, fashion statement? Just go with a few pairs and unlimited options of outfits that you can wear. 

No need to worry about the things that you don’t have clothes for your vacation. Just a few pairs of jeans will work and with the different tops, you can look gorgeous in your way. What about getting the best option when you are organizing your wardrobe or want to go on a vacation

These outfits are so comfy and stylish that it made me crazier to do so. You can too for the best attire and reward yourself with a gorgeous outfit while you are going on a travel journey.