To Travel Is to Live: Embracing the Thrill of Adventure

Hans Christian Andersen penned “To Travel is to Live”, and I haven’t met anyone who disagreed with it. This very simple quote has a heavy underlying meaning behind it. Where the meaning seems as simple as the quote itself, the depths are more profound than assumed. So what does Andersen mean when he says to travel is to live? For most people, it means if you are not traveling, you are not living your life to its fullest. But does it mean that mere travel is enough to live your life? Or is there more to it?

I used to think the same. But, my perspective changed when I started traveling. Turns out that traveling to a new place is just the beginning of something much bigger, something great. ‘To travel is to live’ finally started making sense to its fullest. The final meaning comes from absorbing new places. To travel to a new land, stand still, and absorb what it offers. Absorb without bias. 

It is not restricted to immobile mountains and nature-infused meadows. The idea extends beyond the quiet you find in nature. It reaches the kinetic cities and shifting scenarios. There is an underlying beauty in fast pacing cities. It can only be witnessed by standing still and looking around with care.

Another aspect of ‘To travel is to live’ is the people. Places turn into habitations with people. Every city and village tells a different story through its people. However, what is common among beings is that we are all humans at the end of the day. You can get this sense of belonging anywhere if you try to look for it.

Steps To Living A Life Of Travel

Change your habits

We always spend so much money on different things so that we can make our lives better. We buy $4 lattes, go for dining so many times a week and not only this we buy so many clothes as well. The clothes are also from famous brands and quite expensive.

When the weekend arrives we spend around $200 on food and not consider the check as well. Apart from this, we would go to a movie, and with it, we get a bill of $50 on tickets and popcorn.

Well, we can change all these things to enjoy our travels. If we are going to spend money traveling it can make us even more relaxed. 

Find Affordable Things

One of the greatest decisions that you can take in your life is to save money and go for an outing. If you want to accomplish your dreams then you need to save a bit so that you fulfill your dreams, and one such option is to secure your money.

You can do this by cooking your meal at home and having them. You can make your coffee instead of having it from the cafes, watch a movie at home, and instead of going out you can ask to invite your friends to your home so that it costs you less when you are going out.

You can change your lifestyle for your living by avoiding all the expensive stuff so that you can go and enjoy your weekend by performing adventure sports like rock climbing, mountain biking, or snowshoeing.

So if you want to have a regular vacation then you need to save for that. Remember every small step takes you closer to the dreams that you want to achieve. 

Get Rid of Debt 

How many phones and cars do you have? I think at least 2 and that too on EMI. First, you need to get rid of all those things. Not the phone or car but expenses on them. You are giving a large sum of money to them from your salary every month. Your monthly payments insurance, monthly payments, EMIs everything can cost you so expensive. So you need to close everything so that you can save a little and make your vacation more enjoyable. When you have money to spend then you can perform other activities as well.

Keep All Options Open

We all want something more in life and for this, we need to keep ourselves prepared. So this is only possible when we keep all the options that are available to us open. There are so many activities that we like to perform but usually stop just because of lack of money. If you want to try everything then you need to save money and make your travel journey more experience. 

Focus on Strengths

Once we go and take a glance at all the activities that are filled with “Adventurers”. We should always plan those activities that can make us perform those activities that can fill us with confidence. You can try strength activities so that you can learn more about your energy. 

Do Something Epic

When you are traveling you must not go for the same activities or places that you explore everywhere. Don’t hesitate to perform something new. You can do adventure sports or water activities so that you can experience something new. When you are traveling, these are the best things that you can try out. 


So here are all the tips that I have shared with you all so that you can enjoy your life by traveling. Never sit in one place, when you are free go for a vacation and enjoy the gems of the world. They will give you a feeling of relaxation and you can break the schedule of your life and discover something new.