Top rated adventurous activities in Brisbane, Australia

If you are planning a trip to Australia, then this time instead of visiting all the historical sites, museums, and malls. You can try some of the exciting things. Any guesses about what I am talking about, activities in Brisbane Australia? I am discussing the adventurous sports activities that you can take up. They are always fabulous and make your day where you can feel completely chilled out and relaxed. 

If you are fond of performing adventurous people and like to travel in all these amazing activities then this guide is for you. You can plan out all the activities that can make your heart ponder. Don’t hesitate to do experiments with all the major sports because they are so good and why miss them if you are crazy about them? 

Nor ten or twenty, Brisbane Australia, has fifty-two adventurous activities to offer to its localities as well as tourists and this is the major reason why visiting this place is topping my current traveling wishlist.

A few of the activities that are enjoyed most by all age groups are:

Going down the Kangaroo Point Cliff

For individuals who are looking to enjoy the river life and its soothing vibes while doing a lifetime memorable activity then this activity can be the best choice as it will allow going on top through while enjoying the riverside view more beautifully.

One can also try Brisbane Winery or Tash Maree tour. Even Abseil from story bridge is also an unforgettable experience that one must get at least once in a lifetime.

Woodford Folk Festival

This festival lasts six days and includes events like comedy shows, magic shows, jams, debates, and much more which are full of enthusiasm. The best part is it happens in late December near Christmas which is considered the best duration of celebrating New Year is also at doors that time. The overall experience of this festival is non-forgettable and is considered the best way to enjoy the stay in the city to its fullest.

Waterfalls are loved by all and the experience gets more beautiful when it has trickling waterholes.

Witness The Sunrise From A Hot Air Balloon

We are aware of the beauty of sunrise and one or the other day we all have the wish to experience it. In Brisbane, we get the option to explore the view of sunrise from a hot air balloon.

You can try a hot air balloon at Vineyard Champagne and have breakfast in the air, adventurous activities. This can give you the most wonderful experience. You can surely experience an amazing experience at the height and can glance at the sunrise or the sunshine. They are the unforgettable moments that you can create and click a lot of pictures. 

Feed Dolphins At Tangalooma Island Resort

Tangalooma is an island resort that is situated 75 minutes away from Brisbane. It is one of the excellent moments that you can explore with your family members and is filled with fun and nature-based glances. It is situated on Moreton Island and is considered an excellent theme park for all the people. 

There are a lot of activities that can be done at Tangalooma Island resort that includes marine discovery, ATV Quad bike tours, and desert safari tours. On the island, you see the dolphins and feed them which can give you a wonderful experience. 

Explore Kooroomba Lavender Farm

If you’re looking for a beautiful day trip where you want to spend quality time with your trip mate, Kooroomba Lavender Ranch is surely a must-visit place for you. Within 70 twinkles of driving from Brisbane, you can reach the city of Mt Alford. You can even taste great wine when you stop at Bunjurgen estate. Also, drive to Kooroomba Lavender Ranch and Winery for lunch. The lavender ranch has lush green fields, wine tasting, and a lot more! 

Discover The Rail Museum

The Workshop Rail Museum is considered an award-winning museum as its space where around 3000 railway workers and visitors are present. You can go and enjoy the Timekeeper’s building. It is one of the best places for all the people who want to have fun and explore a lot of things about the railways. You can get knowledge about the railways as well only if you are curious about knowing ancient history. 

Nature Walks

Roma Street Parkland is a scenic demesne located in the middle of the megacity. It has various tropical auditoriums, a festivity field, and a green oasis for picnicking. It’s a stylish visual and physical treat for those people who love nature. You can surrender to nature and explore the beauty and picturesque moments while you are doing nature walks. 

You can fly harpies, engage in contemplation at a calm place, wander along the pathway, and also you can address a colorful species of catcalls and backwoods. It helps you to relax as important as you can. Also, the vampire flying exertion and the lighting of the parkland offer spectacular views! 


So these are some spots that you can visit when you are visiting Australia. These places will make your day. You can feel completely relaxed. When you are stressed out you can see changes within you can enjoy more freely, activities in Brisbane Australia. The place includes so many hidden gems. 

So don’t waste time sitting at one place or just resting in the resort. Get up and explore as many things as you can when you are going to any destination. So when you are planning your trip to Australia.