Flavors of Sri Lanka : Discover the Most Popular Foods

Are you planning a trip to Sri Lanka, it is one of the most popular cities that you can visit where you can do different water sports activities, flavors of Sri Lanka. I have been to this place and not only this you can even try out the authentic food of Sri Lanka. I loved the taste of the cuisine. 

Sri Lankan dishes are popular globally and the major reason is there being served in abundance manners along with being stupendous in taste and quality. So if you are visiting the Country for the first time and looking to experience the prominent food options then to make choosing food simple below are the most popular options available in the City.

I have made a list of so many dishes that you can explore. If you are on the way to conquer the trip to Sri Lanka then you must skip the cuisine of the place because they raise the taste of your taste buds. 

Cuisines of Sri Lanka

I am hoping to provide you with a list of so many cuisines that you can taste. You will also get the taste of Indian dishes in some restaurants. But if you are looking for new waste then you can grab these dishes that are discussed below. Are you ready to explore the delicious food of Sri Lanka? 

Curry Feast

This dish is one of the most popular in the city and should never be missed. As an add-on to its taste, it is served with cinnamon and curry leaves which makes it tastier.


In the current century when everyone wants everything in a matter of seconds dishes like kottu are liked by all as they are good in taste, easy to make, and even healthy as one who has not tried it yet can believe that it is somewhat like fried rice.


If you are fond of pancakes and looking to try a good option that too in Sri Lanka then hoppers are the best answer for all your cravings which is completely fine to give a new experience while eating a dish like a pancake which is globally very common.

Pennywort Salad

Along with being good in taste, it is full of health benefits which can be understood by the term salad in its name. So, if you are looking for a healthy option in the City, this option can be considered without any second thought.


Rice flour is taken and then the milk is added and kneaded continuously. Later, coconut milk is taken in which cinnamon leaves are squeezed, and used for making the batter. The dish is fried deeply in the oil and then it is garnished with a syrup called treacle. You can enjoy this cuisine along with your friends and family so that it gives a perfect taste to your taste buds.

Gotu Kola Mallum Sambola

If you are on a diet then this is the perfect cuisine because it is made up of green salad with shredded green vegetables, spices, chili, coconut, Umbalakada fish, and onion. Enjoy this spicy and green vegetable dish along with steaming hot white rice. You can consume this cuisine as an afternoon meal. 


Spices are dry roasted and contain small pieces of jackfruit and are mixed with some of the roasted spices. Mustard seed oil painting is hotted in a visage, and garlic, onion, curry leaves, lemongrass, and cinnamon are added. Also, jackfruit pieces are mixed with the gravy and the coconut blend is poured. It’s also cooked for an hour.     


This cuisine is considered a delicious Sri Lankan dish prepared using boiled red lentils. There are different ingredients like onion, Curry leaves, garlic, and spices added to the oil, and it is cooked until the color turns yellow, Flavors of Sri Lanka. The dish contains creamy dal or curry of parippu along with steamed rice so it gives a perfect flavor.

Wambatu Moju

Sri Lankan cookery is a largely flavored side dish prepared by cutting the eggplant into wedges and deep-frying them to give a crisp texture. Also, it’s caramelized with sugar, ginger, green chilies, red onions, and mustard seeds. 

 Kukul Mas Curry 

All the species are fried properly, with tomato curry and coconut milk that is added to it. Then the pieces of chicken are added to the gravy and then they are stewed. The dish gives you the taste of bread and rice. It is a popular dish that is served over here. If you love chicken then you can have a Sri Lankan taste. 


This Sri Lankan cookery is a flavourful dish eaten with rice. Meat, rice, and sambal chili sauce are wrapped in a banana splint packet to brume. This process adds a special flavor of the banana splint to it which increases the taste of the dish. The rice is cooked with meat stock and also served with the meat curry on a banana splint. 


Here are some of the popular dishes that you can taste when you are going to Sri Lanka. You cannot just skip out on these fabulous flavours especially when you are visiting new places. There are a lot more to try and if you are fond of trying different tastes then you can go for it. 

If you have been to Sri Lanka or planning to go there, you must have tasted the cuisine and Flavors of Sri Lanka. If you are on your way then you can go with the list and make your trip delicious and exciting.